Full name: Nguyen Van Hieu

Date of Birth: April, 16th 1972

Position: Full  Professor       

Nationality: Vietnam

Sex: Male



May – 1995: Received the Bachelor of Science on Chemistry at Hue University, Vietnam.

July  - 1997: Received the M.Sc. degree on Materials Science at ITIMS, Vietnam.

March-2004: Received the Ph.D. Degree on Electrical engineering, University of Twente, The Netherlands.

PhD. thesis: Multilevel interconnect reliability: On the effects of electrical-thermomechanical stresses”.


Material synthesis: Metal oxide nanowires, hierarchical nanostructures, graphene, hybrid materials of metal oxide and CNTs (or graphene).

Properties interests: Design of multifunctional nanostructures and devices, atomic/electronic structures, Optical properties.

Processing: Functionalization, dispersion, doping, devices fabrications.

Applications: Gas sensor and biosensors, photodetector, hydrogen storage, solar cell


April – 2004:   Research lecture at ITIMS, HUST

2002 – 2008:   Postdoc in Korea University, South Korea

2009-6.2018: Professor at ITIMS, HUST

7.2018-Present: Professor at Thanh Tay University


2011: Young Scientists for Excellent Research by National foundation for science and technology development (Nafosted)

2016: Ta Quang Buu awards in physics


7/2012- Present: Member of Scientific Committees in Physics of Vietnamese National Foundation for Science and Technology (NAFOSTED)

Journals reviewer: Applied Physics Letters, Sensors and Actuator B, Sensors and Actuator A, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Talanta, Physica B &E, Material Research Bulletin, Materials Science and Engineering B, Colloids and Surface, Industry Engineering and Chemistry Research, Journal Crystal Growth, Sensor Letters, Applied Surface Science.   


2005-2007: Project title: “Carbon nanotubes/nanostructured TiO2(SiO2) composite thin films  for environmental gas-sensing applications”; VLIR-HUT Research Fund; Code: Ap05\Prj3\nr03.

2006-2008: Project title: Improvement of gas sensing properties of SnO2 and TiO2 materials by co-doping metal elements and carbon nanotubes; Funded by MOST; Code: B2006-01.

2009-2011: Project title: Realization of novel electronic and sensing devices based on semiconducting metal-oxide nanowires, Funded by NAFOSTED; Code:

2009-2012: Project title: Development of gas sensors and biosensor based on nanomaterials and MEMS technology; Code: 05/2009/HĐ-ĐTĐL; The application-oriented basic research program supported by MOST.

2011-2013: Project title: A study into the self-heating effect and  surface-functionalization of  semiconductor metal oxide nanowires for gas-sensing application ; Code: 103.02-2011.40  

PUBLICATIONS (over 100 papers, h-index: 31)

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