Former Staffs

 Dr. Vu Van Quang  

Former PhD Students
Dr. Do Duc Trung 
Thesis defended: 2015
: 0988 964 815 
Research topic: CO and COgas sensors based on SnO2 nanowires 
PhD Thesis: 4 ISI papers (3 first author)
Dr. Do Thanh Viet
Thesis defended: 2015
Phone: 0983396602
Research topic: Perfect absorber using metamaterials
PhD Thesis: 5 ISI paper (3 first author)
Dr. Ngyen Duc Cuong
Thesis defended: 2014
Phone: 0935279996
Research topic: Synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles and applications
PhD Thesis: 3 ISI paper (3 first author)

Dr. Nguyen Duc Khoang
Thesis defended: 2015
Phone: 0936234255
Research topic
: Fabrication of ZnO nanorods, nanowires and hybrids of ZnO-SnO2  and ZnO-LaOCl for gas sensing applications
PhD Thesis: 5 ISI paper (2 first author)    

Dr. Phung Thi Hong Van
Theis defended: 2016
Tel: 0983168699
Research topic: Functionalization of SnO2 and WO3 nanowires for H2S and NO2 gas sensors
PhD thesis: 4 ISI papers (2 first author)  
Dr. Nguyen Van Toan
Thesis defended: 2016
Tel:  84-4-8680787 (Room 208)
Research topic:  H2 and H2S gas sensors based on SnO2 thin film loaded with catalyst nano-clusters
PhD thesis: 2 ISI papers (2 first author)
 Dr. Pham Van Tong
Thesis defended: 2016
Tel: 0983237800 
Research topic: Wet-chemical sysnthesis of WO3 nanostructures for NO2 and NH3 gas sensors
PhD thesis: 5 ISI papers (4 first author)
 Dr. Hong Van Han
Thesis defended: 2017
Tel: 0987784785
Research topic: Large-scale synthesis of ZnO one-dimensional nanistructures for NO2 gas sensor
PhD thesis: 2 ISI papers (2 first author)  

Former Master and Undergraduate Students 

 Giáp Mạnh Cường
Lê Huy Đức
 Trịnh Duy Chiến 

 Nguyễn Quế Phương 
Trần Ngọc Minh
Lê Viết Thông
Class: 2007-2009 (Msc) 
Tel: (+82)010-4952-8583
Research topic: Flexible supercapacitors
Position: PhD Student
at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.
Carbon nanotubes Research Laboratory 
SCI: 02 papers
Lê Thi Ngoc Loan
PhD student at The Bios/Lab on a Chip Group, 
University of Twente
Lê Đức Toàn
Class: 2008-2010
Phone: (+82) 01068731935
Research topic: Solar Cell based on SiNWs
Current position: PhD student at Nanomaterials for Energy Lab in SKKU.
SCI papers: 01
Hoàng Văn Vương
Class 2009-2011
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305-764, KOREA
Mobile: +8210-218-10384
Phạm Hồng Trang
Started in: 2009-2011
Research topic: Synthesis and characterization of 1D TiO2 nanowires 
Phone: (+84)904783231
Current position: Program Officer - USAID's HPI Project - Abt Associates Inc, 
Nguyễn Nhỏ Lan
Phạm Trung Quân
 Trần Quang Đạt
 Ha Minh Tan
Started in 2012
Tel: 0946516466
Research topic: Tin oxide nanowires synthesis and applications
  Bui Thi Thanh Binh 
Started in 2010
 Ngo Si Trong
Started in 2010
Research topic: Synthesis, transfer and application of graphene